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Shearwater Korea has launched! Our IT consulting service in the Korean market

■Our new service branch office Shearwater Korea

Shearwater Group, the No.1 IT solution provider of Oracle NetSuite and Workday Adaptive Planning, has launched its services to the Korean market since March 2021.

We will support not only the system introduction to Korean companies but also companies who are thinking of expanding the system to South Korea together with our local members.

Shearwater Korea website:

Brochure about our service in Korea :


■Increasing demand for cloud system for the business

"While I can't read the forecast for the next fiscal year, it's difficult to communicate with telework. There is an urgent need to implement a system that enables more efficient budget management."

"Until now, we used to operate the enterprise system on our own server, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to move from a system where information system employees have to go to the company to the cloud."

"It is extremely difficult to forecast the performance of overseas subsidiaries. Since people cannot be sent to the site, we plan to deploy the cloud to overseas bases."

The number of cases where we receive consultations on such topics is increasing.

Due to the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become difficult to forecast business results, and as a result, the workload of the head office department is increasing.

This year, the number of projects with the theme of centralizing data related to the implementation of IT and system cooperation including overseas expansion is increasing.

Shearwater will work with members from South Korea, Japan, Singapore, China and many other Asian countries to lead the DX (Digital Transformation) of more companies and streamline your business with a view to the aftermath of this pandemic.

In addition to South Korea, we are also expanding to Thailand and Vietnam.

Moreover, also in China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia, we will support companies with our best practices and the most effective system as a strong partner for expanding into Asia.

We have a short-term introduction plan that will lead your business to grow with a cloud system throughout Asia. We also offer specialized solutions for the online business, trade, manufacturing, and sales industries.


■ Our service

● Oracle NetSuite A cloud application with fully integrated functions such as ERP / financial accounting, CRM, and e-commerce. Not only streamlining specific tasks, but also aggregation, analysis, and reporting can be achieved with a single application. You can streamline your work by 50% and save a lot of time.

Click here for detailed service information.

● Workday Adaptive Planning

A budget management cloud system used by companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and companies with the rapid growth of 143% or more in Japan for the third consecutive year. Escape from complicated data management such as Excel, share the latest consistent achievements in real-time and reduce the time used for budget management by 90%.

Click here for detailed service information.


■ Strengths of Shearwater Group

● No.1 in introduction record in Asia

Oracle NetSuite's 5 Star Partner and the only IT consulting firm to deploy Workday Adaptive Planning across Asia. We will travel to Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and the system qualification consultant will lead in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, French and other local languages. Recently, we have a worldwide track record of introducing services, such as successful system introduction projects in the African market.

● Localization service

In cooperation with our Asian regional members, we will support your system development based on the latest local information. We can handle everything from local tax system, accounting rules, language setting to user training.

Click here for more details.

● All-in-one stop service

We will lead your DX all-in-one from the beginning to the end, such as system analysis and introduction, project management, user setting, training, etc. In addition, Shearwater flexibly supports the introduction of customized systems according to the customer's industry, service, and company size.

As our consultants flexibly respond to the customer-specific questions and orders, please feel free to contact us for information requests and consultations.

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