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Shearwater 💫the growing role of the modern finance office (Email Magzine)

Oracle Netsuite news for November 2021

1. It is still time to receive up to 80% of subsidies for a ERP project on NetSuite in Singapore! Hurry up if you are thinking about changing systems!

2. Game changer for finance department across the region: Connecting your bank from NetSuite is now very easy. This new feature allows you to match transactions very easily from your ERP. Countries where this is possible are: Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

3. Our team went live on a project across Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos for a large electronics manufacturing company. We can attest that the localizations that we offer have been a great success for our customer.

4. We developed an add-on to integrate a Warehouse Management System, that is native to NetSuite and also works online, and is focused on operational performance. The application leverage barcodes to easily allow inventory intake, manage bins, prepare picking and shipping, on any android devices, in several languages!

5. We have put together a few of our netsuite addons into a website here: Have a look and contact us if anything would be helping you!

Workday Adaptive Planning

▶︎ Book your seat now! - Financial Planning & Analysis Free Webinar

Date: 23rd Nov Tuesday 2-3pm Singapore Time

We empower FP&A to lead strategically. Upgrade your planning, modeling, budgeting, and forecasting to make better decisions, faster.

✔︎ Budgeting and forecasting

✔︎ Scenario planning

✔︎ Analytics and reporting

▶︎ New Customers : New Development Bank

Shearwater has helped New Development Bank onboard Workday Adaptive Planning

By automating the Revenue and Expenses planning process as a part of Phase 1, the FP&A team has freed up a lot of their time to work on more important matters.

Headquarters : Shanghai,China

Industry : Banking and Finance

The New Development Bank (NDB) is a multilateral development bank (MDB) established by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) with the objective of financing infrastructure and sustainable development projects in BRICS and other emerging economies and developing countries. NDB’s work complements the efforts of multilateral and regional financial institutions, toward global growth and development.

▶︎ Solution promotion : Consolidation

Automate and Accelerate Your Financial Consolidation—in the Cloud

Workday Adaptive Planning provides a flexible, intuitive, and easy-to-deploy financial consolidation system to help you automate and accelerate the financial close.

Capabilities include :

• Intercompany eliminations • Journal entries • Minority interest • Multicurrency • Allocations • Audit trails • Self-service reporting • Process Management • Month end closing

▶︎ Solution promotion : Netsuite Adaptive Integration

Workday Adaptive Planning improves NetSuite reporting and planning, connect seamlessly with NetSuite ERP to pull in actual data for business planning, consolidation, reporting and analytics

  • Automate and schedule actual data import from NetSuite ERP to Workday Adaptive Planning system

  • Brings you from NetSuite to Adaptive Planning for financial planning, consolidation, reporting and analytics tasks

  • Instantly drill through to a NetSuite transaction record from a Workday Adaptive Planning budget, model, report, or dashboard to see exactly where the data came from.

  • Publish the budget plan back to NetSuite ERP

  • Improve the transparency and reliability of your plans with version control.

Get the most out of your NetSuite ERP system

Many businesses rely on NetSuite ERP software to record accounting transactions, request POs, and much more.

But NetSuite ERP can’t do it all. When it comes to creating robust and dynamic financial reports that pull together data and insights from multiple systems, the business management solution comes up short. It just wasn’t built for strategic planning, modeling, reporting, and analysis.

And now more than ever you need that type of functionality to effectively measure and forecast business performance. Exporting data out of your NetSuite ERP system into Excel, or using spreadsheets for reporting, planning, and forecasting, just doesn’t cut it these days.

Workday Adaptive Planning extends the power of NetSuite ERP to provide you with a comprehensive enterprise-level financial management solution that allows you to spend less time collecting, validating, and formatting data, and more time on strategy and true financial analysis.

When combined with NetSuite ERP, Workday Adaptive Planning helps FP&A teams collaboratively plan and model, easily access real-time analytics, streamline complex financial reporting, and accelerate financial consolidation.

▶︎ New Solution offered : Jirav

Aimed at SMB planning, if you are looking for an out of box financial planning solution and your GL is one of the Xero/Quickbooks/Sage Intacct/NetSuite, this is something for you!

Jirav is an all-in-one financial planning and analysis solution that maximizes the collaborative value of forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and analytics so Jirav is an all-in-one financial planning and analysis solution that maximizes the collaborative value of forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and analytics so leaders can drive their businesses forward with confidence and speed, know more at

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