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Shearwater 💫 December 2020 Xmas: wishes, webinars and a gift

Christmas is coming and we have a gift!

Plan to Win Achieving business agility in the age of urgency We hope you have some time to settle down, read and think about the next steps during Xmas season. Please download here your ebook: Plan to win

Here are a few things that kept us busy recently:

  1. Awesome delivery of 2 complex adaptive planning projects, one in Thailand/vietnam/malaysia, and one in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Stay tuned for more details and references in coming weeks.

  2. A very good recording of a discussing about recent trends in FP&A, and why quick planning is now more than ever important: Budgeting 2021 Survival Guide: Lessons from 2020

  3. Interesting piece of News: Microsoft will adopt Workday Adaptive Planning for its global finance teams for planning, budgeting, and forecasting to help accelerate decision making:

  4. This year our Japan office has achieved record number of new customers on NetSuite, by far the largest Oracle partner in Japan now.

  5. Together with a global accounting partner, we are putting together an offering with accounting BPO, consulting and systems operations based off NetSuite to companies rolling out operations across Asia.

  6. Several deliveries of Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP systems across the region:

  • Metal trading company with offices across Japan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Malaysia

  • A trading company speciliazed in Electronics with a factory in Laos, offices in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Philipines

  • A rapidly growing software house gearing up for IPO with offices in the US and Japan

We Wish you a great and safe time for the end of the year, and a much better 2021!

New useful pieces of contents:

Here is an article about how finance can help drive strategy for the business

Instead of considering the budgeting process a rote exercise or an operational hurdle, CFOs and their companies can use it as a significant opportunity. This is now of greater importance given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those CFOs who are able to successfully transform legacy budget and planning processes can act quickly when faced with change, increase visibility into their company’s financial health, and better manage the bottom-line profits.

See our whitepaper here:

hidden costs of static planning

Also an interesting webinar on lessons learned in 2020:

Webinar: How to budget better in 2021?

and ours whitepapers and reports here:

We are the Shearwater Group. Cloud Consulting Specialists across APAC / Europe: Singapore - China - Japan - Korea - Taiwan - France We are the foremost partner forOracle NetSuite / Workday Adaptive Planning Please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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