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Shearwater Asia, in partnership with Jirav, introduces FP&A solution to Asian SMB market

Shearwater Asia, a leading cloud consulting company, is honoured to partner with Jirav, for promoting and offering business planning solution to the potential clients in Asia.

Shearwater is the leading cloud solutions consulting firm for ERP as well as planning and budgeting in the larger Asia region, from Singapore, South East-Asia to China, Japan and Korea.

We help companies improve every aspect of the planning, budgeting, and forecasting process, including:

  • Budgeting more effectively—Document the budgeting process, educate system users across the organization, monitor company-wide budget submissions and approvals from anywhere at any time, and enforce budget rules and timelines.

  • Planning more effectively—Model your business quickly and test multiple scenarios easily, so you can prepare realistic financial and operational plans that help your organization achieve its goals. Driver-based modeling helps your company define its business success factors, key contributors to those factors, and then plan them in detail providing a roadmap to improved performance.

  • Testing "what if" scenarios—Comprehensively model your business and perform real-time "what if" scenario planning. You can change business assumptions, and see the impacts on the entire model, freeing you to concentrate on the actual plan instead of the math. While planning, you can build in calculations, allocations, phasing, market factors, seasonality, and more.

  • Ensuring realistic results with forecasting— We help select the optimum method for data analysis, and create benchmarks to test the likely accuracy of employee-submitted forecasts, ultimately reducing forecast game-playing. You can also use our templates forecast to jump-start your planning and budgeting process. Forecasting lets you predict not only at a summary level, but also at a detailed level, such as product line, region, or sales channel.

  • Adjusting actions to achieve goals— With our ongoing support we support you to shift planning away from less accurate historical budgeting and forecasting, and move toward continuous predictive modeling and rolling forecast models-automatically adjusting the revenue targets to meet your goals as each period closes and a new period rolls forward.

Baptiste Bassot, Managing Partner

“We are excited to bring our large consulting experience in Asia, spanning 10-plus years of cloud enterprise applications from Japan, China, Korea, Singapore and all ASEAN countries to Jirav customers. Our entire consulting team is knowledgeable on budgeting and planning best practices, and how Jirav helps entities get started with the correct processes and systems in record short time. It is faster and more productive to use Jirav than to start creating a spreadsheet, and it connects to leading cloud ERP solutions of the box” said Baptiste Bassot, Managing Director at Shearwater. “With our experiences across the region as business consultants and cloud technologists, we strive to accelerate and automate customers’ budgeting process to drive continuous adoption and efficiencies.”

“We are delighted to extend our partner network and welcome Shearwater into the Jirav ecosystem. The Jirav-Shearwater partnership is a great combination, allowing us to help many customers across the Asia Pacific region to improve their financial planning and analysis processes. “ said Martin Zych, CEO and co-founder of Jirav.

Jirav is an all-in-one financial planning and analysis solution that maximizes the collaborative value of forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and analytics so leaders can drive their businesses forward with confidence and speed.

Jirav integrates natively with leading accounting or ERP platforms such as Xero, Quickbooks, NetSuite and Sage. With Jirav you are up and running your forecasts using templates in minutes.

By establishing the partnership, Shearwater and Jirav aim to increase solution awareness in Asia and wishes to contribute to the business planning digital transformation journey of SMEs in Singapore and other southeast Asian countries.

About Shearwater Asia

Shearwater is a consulting firm focusing on enabling cloud technologies to businesses across Asia: Singapore, SEA, Greater China, Japan, Korea. Shearwater leads global operations and finance digital transformation by leveraging world-class cloud solutions, including Cloud ERP solution Oracle NetSuite, Cloud CPM solution Workday Adaptive Planning, NSPB, and Jirav. Our professional service team help to provide end-to-end services and deliver successful outcomes for customers. As one of the leading cloud consulting partners in the Asian region, Shearwater has a 95% customer satisfaction rate and has partnered with many customers including global MNCs and local SMBs. Learn more at

About Jirav

Jirav is a comprehensive business planning solution for small and medium companies that maximizes the collaborative value of forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and analytics so leaders can drive their businesses forward with confidence and speed. Our all-in-one financial planning and analysis software offers faster implementation and a more intuitive interface allowing finance leaders to build financial models in hours, not days and generate financial reports in minutes, not hours. We are headquartered in San Francisco with offices and teams across the world including Seattle, Austin, and Poland. Learn more at

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