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【NetSuite x RPA】Automates complex tasks with Oracle NetSuite!


1. Oracle NetSuite-Customer Success Story

2. Client company information

3. Project Overview

4. Overview of the synergistic effect of NetSuite x RPA

5. Effects after introducing NetSuite x RPA

6. NetSuite consulting company introduction

7. Oracle 5 Star Partner, No. 1 in Asia

1. Oracle NetSuite-Customer Success Story

Oracle NetSuite & Shearwater Group& Shenzhen Yunguo Information Technology improved business agility and reduced costs by deploying Oracle NetSuite at Thunder Trade Co. Ltd, an internationally renowned global electronics company. We've increased efficiency and restructured employees' experience.


2. Client company information

Thunder Trade Co. Ltd (迅雷贸易有限公司)is a fast-growing solution provider in the IT supply chain solutions and electronics industry, founded in Hong Kong in 2011. Today, its business extends to the United States, Shenzhen, and around the world. Thunder Trade serves Dell, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Samsung, and many other large IT companies.


3. Project Overview

Market Growth

According to relevant data, from 2019 to 2020, overall e-commerce retail sales grew rapidly more than 15% in Europe, the United States, and the Asia Pacific region.

Companies with cross-border business become more complex, and multiple challenges, such as overlapping business operations and repeating the same business in the process of corporate billing. It hinders the long-term development of the company.

Client problems and solutions

Thunder Trade faced the following challenges as its business expanded.

  • Duplicate operations that are not centrally managed

  • Cumbersome work that requires a lot of time and effort

  • Human error

  • Cannot display data in real-time

  • Cannot manage company data from the different platform

To solve the above challenges, the company has implemented Oracle NetSuite Enterprise Supply Chain Management. Specific implementation functions are as follows.

  • Integrate related search queries for purchase information that meet customer needs

  • Batch purchase orders

  • In-warehouse / transfer / out-of-warehouse transactions

  • Customize specific pages for rapid query and batch transaction processing

This allows business leaders and employees to operate with great convenience, speed, and manage all their businesses on the NetSuite integrated platform.


4. Overview of the synergistic effect of NetSuite x RPA

Special notes on the project-Collaboration with RPA

A special note about this project is the combination of Oracle NetSuite Enterprise ERP software and cloud-enhanced intelligent RPA technology. This has resulted in cost savings and improved efficiency in terms of both customer and employee experience. These two-way enhancements have further stimulated a company's ability to innovate.

Specifically, RPA technology extended in the cloud has enabled the ability to retrieve information from external websites and automatically generate quotes for the NetSuite platform.

Taking the procurement department as an example, the daily work of employees in the department has taken the following laborious measures.

  1. When bidding / inquiring on a foreign bidding platform, visually check the inquiry order in detail.

  2. If there is an order, send an email directly to the people concerned

  3. After receiving the email, the employee logs in to the web page from the link attached to the email

  4. Get related data from a web page and write it to NetSuite

In this process, employees spend five hours a day doing this due to uncertainties in order times. In addition, we need to process an average of about 60 orders per day, and duplicate copies are repeated during order processing. Human error also occurs due to manual work.

Checking the platform's web pages daily was not only tedious for employees but the manual copying and pasting of data also led to process errors, which had a major impact on subsequent work.


5. Effects after introducing NetSuite x RPA

Specific function overview

By applying Cloud Extended Intelligent RPA, we have introduced the following functions.

  • RPA monitors platform status 24 hours a day

  • Upon receiving an inquiry order, RPA will immediately send an automatic email

  • Log in to the link in the incoming email

  • Email to automatically retrieve relevant data for web pages

All of these processes do not require human involvement, which can save a lot of human resources.

Customer experience and employee experience are very important to any company. The implementation of RPA allows software machines to automatically perform tedious and repetitive tasks.

Not only will your business be agile, but your valuable talent will be able to maximize its value. Employees can focus on more valuable work and better serve their customers.

Accelerated DX Thunder Trade worked with NetSuite implementers Shearwater and Shenzhen Yunguo Information Technology to solve corporate management issues and greatly promote in-house DX. Through NetSuite's complete ecological supply chain system, the entire industrial chain from supplier to actual delivery has been centralized.


6. NetSuite consulting company introduction

Shearwater Group

Founded in 2007, Shearwater Group has been focused on implementing and developing the Oracle NetSuite platform for over a decade. Currently, as a global 5-star partner of Oracle NetSuite, we have branches throughout Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and mainland China.

Shearwater Group is constantly striving to achieve globalization of customers throughout China and Asia and localization of overseas customers domestically. We have extensive industry experience in the manufacturing industry, cross-border electronics industry, distribution and retail, professional services, and other industries.

Shenzhen Yunguo Information Technology

Shenzhen Yunguo Information Technology is a pioneer in the field of global RPA, established in 2017.

With its in-house developed cloud-extended RPA platform at its core, the company is committed to providing intelligent RPA robot products and solutions to customers in a variety of industries. Through RPA empowerment, they continue to create value for our customers and help businesses drive digital transformation.

Currently, Shenzhen Yunguo Information Technology employs hundreds of people and has branch offices and R & D centers in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Suzhou, and Tokyo.

The company has served hundreds of companies in a variety of industries including finance, energy, telecommunications, finance and tax, manufacturing, logistics, and retail.


7. Oracle 5 Star Partner, No. 1 in Asia

Shearwater Group has the No. 1 implementation record in Asia for both the world's No. 1 cloud ERP system Oracle NetSuite and the cloud-based intuitive budget, reporting, and analysis tool Workday Adaptive Planning.

Our consultants have a system in place to answer your questions and questions, so please feel free to contact us.

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