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Implement NetSuite to Google Core Partner Companies! Centralize all financial and business data

1. Oracle NetSuite introduction kick-off ceremony

In April 2021, Jiangsu Virtual Digital Technology Co. Ltd(江苏未迟数字技术有限公司), Oracle NetSuite and Shearwater Group held a kickoff meeting for the Oracle NetSuite project in Nanjing, China. The client company executives, Oracle NetSuite managers, and Shearwater Group members attended this meeting.


2. Client company information

Jiangsu Virtual Digital Technology Co. Ltd(江苏未迟数字技术有限公司) is an internet advertising company located in Nanjing and a core partner of Google. They provide one-stop integrated marketing and e-commerce operations solutions to cross-border exporters.

By integrating the favorable resources of the global network, they promote the internationalization of the Chinese brand through data-driven technical empowerment and creative leadership. They help you to grow overseas sales and sell products from all over the world in all industries globally.

AdVich integrates overseas mainstream media platform resources such as Google / Bing / Yandex / Facebook / LinkedIn / TikTok to reach more than 90% of the world's Internet users with your products.

These benefits are made possible by Jiangsu Virtual Digital Technology Co. Ltd's Ad website, AdVich integrated marketing, and the Wedigita collection of digital marketing service brands across the network.


3. Client Challenges-What is the reason for introducing ERP?

Previously, Jiangsu Virtual Digital Technology Co. Ltd did not have integrated ERP system software to manage all its businesses.

As a result, CRM, OA, project management, cost management, finance, etc. were mostly individual dependent or operated with a combination of proprietary third-party systems. Since these systems cannot be interconnected, it is difficult to manage and understand master data and tax.

In particular, it is quite difficult to settle due to the exchange rate of foreign customers, and it is not possible to integrate various data and business documents at once. It was difficult for the leaders of a company to manage internal matters and set company policies because the business layer could not centrally manage data.

In addition to the above problems, it consumes a lot of technical resources and time, so I felt the urgent need for ERP software suitable for business operations. This led to the introduction of Oracle NetSuite.


4. Why was Oracle NetSuite chosen?

While investigating the various functions of ERP, the company's chairman, Wang, found out that Oracle NetSuite could be used as an integrated enterprise business and finance system that can realize a series of system management from lead acquisition to sales, project management, and finance. And he thought it would be perfect for the company's business.

They were particularly attracted to the following functions required for the multi-nationalization of companies and the operations of multiple subsidiaries.

  • Multiple currencies

  • Multiple tax law

  • Multiple reporting requirements

A real-time, integrated global business management platform that can seamlessly handle the above requirements helps you better manage the operations of multiple countries and multiple branches.


5. Oracle NetSuite Deployment Consultant Shearwater

As a 5-star partner of Oracle NetSuite in Asia, Shearwater Group has extensive NetSuite deployment experience and international project team members to provide localized technical support to global customers.

At this conference, Shearwater shared an Oracle NetSuite deployment plan with AdVich. Specifically, this project will provide a corresponding solution for AdVich's business and financial integration.

The Shearwater project manager, who is the representative of this project sheared the following contents:

  • Project goals

  • How to implement the project

  • Project planning

  • Project management system

  • Detailed report on project documentation

They agreed with the members of the AdVich project team on the content of the project. Also, as with the solution, both sides have reached an agreement on the scope of liability.

In the future, under the cooperation of both parties, we will strive to enable Jiangsu Virtual

Digital Technology to reform its business using NetSuite as soon as possible!


6. No.1 Oracle 5 Star Partner in Asia

Founded in 2007, Shearwater Group has been focused on implementing and developing the Oracle NetSuite platform for over a decade. Currently, as a global 5-star partner of Oracle NetSuite, we have branches throughout Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and mainland China.

Shearwater Group is constantly striving to achieve globalization of customers throughout China and Asia and localization of overseas customers domestically. We have extensive industry experience in the manufacturing industry, cross-border electronics industry, distribution and retail, professional services, and other industries.

Our consultants have a system in place to answer your questions and questions, so please feel free to contact us.

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