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World's No. 1 Cloud financial application for mid-sized companies Oracle NetSuite

The best cloud ERP system for enterprise

According to market research by International Data Corporation (IDC), Oracle NetSuite has been placed in the "leader" category as a result of its evaluation of leading SaaS / cloud-enabled financial accounting software solutions.


Y-axis: Vendor's current capabilities such as service menu and contribution to customer needs

X-axis: Strategic axis that shows how vendors will be able to meet customer demands in the future 3-5 years from now

Marker size indicating individual vendors: Vendor market share in the market segment.


Financial applications change every day

DX of business model

The Financial Application requires various functions such as sales management, reporting, general ledger, fixed assets, lease management, project accounting, cost accounting, and taxes.

In a digitized society, daily changes in demand and regulations occur on a daily basis. Financial applications, which can be said to be the base of a company, also need to be flexibly changed at the speed of society.

System requirements specific to mid-sized companies

In addition to the environmental factors of social change, there are also requirements specific to the business scale of a mid-sized company. Many mid-sized companies also sell their products and services overseas. However, unlike major companies, it is necessary to solve problems such as localization, transit, and taxation with limited resources.

Therefore, it is important that the financial accounting software of mid-sized companies can be customized in a well-balanced and flexible manner in all aspects of function/price/customer support.

World's No. 1 ERP cloud Oracle NetSuite

Why mid-sized companies should introduce NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite offers a suite of cloud-based finance / ERP, HR, PSA, and omnichannel commerce software, and is the No. 1 share cloud ERP system used by companies around the world. The reasons why this system is most suitable for mid-sized companies expanding globally are as follows.

1. Real-time management of core/accounting status of multiple overseas subsidiaries.

  • Real-time management of core and accounting status of multiple overseas subsidiaries

  • Supports 190 currencies (transaction currency, local currency, etc.) and exchanges around the world

  • Supports 20 languages ​​worldwide, each employee can use in their own language

  • Supports electronic audit file formats in all OECD countries, Germany, Singapore, and many others

2. Real-time grasp of sales data

  • All accessible processes and data can be listed on the dashboard, depending on the role of the employee

  • Data can be centralized with a minimum of work even with a small number of people

  • Access to all operations from the dashboards

  • End users-can be modified to suit their needs

3. Reduction of introduction cost/time

  • No need for any work related to IT infrastructure

  • Minimize system installation and maintenance costs

  • Reduces IT costs

  • Excellent data center management, automatic data backup

  • Strong security data management with strict service level guaranteed

  • Proven that deployment time is 90 days or less


No.1 NetSuite partner Shearwater Group

We provide project management, consulting, development, cooperation with other systems, all as a one-stop service. Since we have our own overseas bases (China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia), we have a track record of the generous support of overseas expansion.

Shearwater has selected as a 5 Star Partner in NetSuite's Best Partner Program as a partner for customer success and support.

Please feel free to contact us as our consultants have a system in place to answer your questions and questions.

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