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NetSuite ERP

The World’s #1 Cloud-based ERP Software

Functionalities :

  1. Financial Management

  2. Supply Chain and Inventory Management

  3. Procurement

  4. Order and Billing Management

  5. Warehouse and Fulfillment

  6. Revenue Recognition Management

  7. Financial Planning

  8. Human Capital Management

  9. Recurring Revenue Management

NetSuite is the world’s most deployed cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, with more than 30,000 organizations across 160+ countries.

NetSuite ERP delivers the proven, comprehensive financial management capabilities required to grow a changing, complex business. NetSuite ERP takes your business beyond traditional accounting software by streamlining operations across your entire organization and providing you with the real-time visibility you need to make better, faster decisions.

Key Benefits

  1. Accelerate the order-to cash process by 50%+.

  2. Slash financial close by over 50%.

  3. Drive better, faster decision-making with real-time data and reporting, and personalized dashboards.

  4. Improve workforce productivity with anytime, anywhere access.

  5. Lower cost of ownership by eliminating upfront and ongoing IT expenditures, and delivering automatic product upgrades.

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