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Oracle NetSuite for the African market! Centrally manage data in Africa and Asia

Page contents:

  1. A project to connect Africa and Asia go-live!

  2. Background of NetSuite deployment project

  3. Outline of the project

  4. Shearwater's international support system

A project to connect Africa and Asia go-live!

On the afternoon of April 6, 2021, We held The system go-live ceremony of the Oracle NetSuite ERP implementation project for Shanghai Shuijing Textile Co., Ltd. (上海水鲸纺织品有限公司)

Shearwater team led the launch of Shanghai Shuijing Textile's NetSuite ERP system in Asia and Africa, leveraging its extensive implementation experience.

At the kick-off ceremony of the system, members of the Shanghai Shuijing Textile project team, Oracle Corporation, and Shearwater project team members gathered to further deepen the friendship and cooperation among each other.


Background of NetSuite deployment project

Shanghai Shuijing Textile is an international trading company established in 2007 that specializes in the import and export of textiles in the overseas and African markets. The company mainly deals with fine cotton jacquard fabrics (woven fabrics whose design itself is woven into the fabric) and all other types of fabrics. These businesses meet a wide range of clothing and decoration needs while at the same time passing on the traditions of African countries to Asia and the world.

The company currently has three distributors in Africa, Mali, Nigeria, and The Gambia, upgrading the entire line for a new era and creating its own brand, Kingteam. Kingteam aims to become the number one brand of Chinese jacquard fabrics in the African market.

The company's strengths are its continuously innovative cutting-edge production technology and continuous product design innovation capability, and its average annual sales in recent years have reached hundreds of millions of Chinese yuan. Not only is it highly regarded in the textile industry, but it also has a global consumer market that is endorsed by many customers.


Outline of the project

Shanghai Shuijing Textile, an international trading company, responds to China's Belt and Road Initiative and focuses on the development of overseas and African markets.

However, with the continued development and expansion of the company, it took time and effort to manage a large amount of data. Not only was the work time consuming, but we also took control measures that were extremely error-prone. As a result, we have come to the conclusion that enterprise resource planning (ERP) is urgently needed to achieve globalization and sophisticated management.

Through comparisons among many systems, Oracle NetSuite, the world's leading ERP, was selected. Shearwater's professional system implementation team created detailed implementation plans through a deep understanding of the customer's business and supported them with the implementation method that suits the customer's business.


Shearwater's international support system

As a 5-star partner of Oracle NetSuite, Shearwater has extensive experience in implementing international projects, has multinational and multilingual project team members, and provides localized technical support to international customers.

Shearwater has worked with Oracle to address the Belt and Road Initiative of the Chinese government and inject new power into the overseas expansion of Shanghai Shuijing Textile through NetSuite.


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Since we have our own overseas bases (China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, etc.), we have a track record of generous support even at overseas expansion destinations.

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