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Rebound and growth: constantly adapt to the recent world🌍


▶︎We pride ourselves on providing such systems, at low costs while enabling our customers' teams to leverage.

Recent news around the world really seems to show 2 patterns. Some countries were able to contain the virus or vaccinate the populations, while others are going deeper into troubled times fighting waves after waves. This really speaks to the need for more nimble company management. Having constantly updated, resilient and flexible systems to underlie operations, allow for potential growth or reallocation of resources really becomes a competitive advantage. We recently completed several projects in China or even in Africa, showcasing how even in difficult situations our teams are able to help our customers win.

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▶︎Book your seat now! - Workday Adaptive Free Webinar

20th May (Thu), 2-3 pm Singapore time Do you have issues streamlining your budgeting process? learn how to achieve centralized budgeting process management and workflow control.

As the finance professional of the company, are you still using Excel or an on-premise legacy system to manage your planning, budgeting, forecasting, closing, reporting, and analysis? Join in our webinar (40 minutes) to know more on how you can automate & streamline your entire FP&A process and save your valuable time for more strategic work.

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▶︎Here are a few things that kept us busy recently:

  • Shearwater China African market🇨🇳 - NetSuite

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  • The shoebar: the Chinese team has recently completed a full ERP implementation for a large shoe retailer with several hundred shops around china. The cloud ERP NetSuite encompasses financials, sales, AR, AP, purchases, inventories, POS integration with all the shops, as well as a fully integrated WMS system.

  • Fintech projects: We are happy to serve several customers across the region in FinTech and virtual currencies, from hong kong to japan. We enable our customers to use the Cloud ERP to automate their front system with financials at the back-end. As well we leverage our planning solutions to enable users to properly forecast cash situation, operations, and workforce.

  • Thailand🇹🇭: We are happy to announce the official start of our services in Thailand. We focus on either global companies rolling out in-country, or Thai companies looking to expand into china, japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. Do reach out to us for details!

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▶︎Solutions Promotions

  • Workforce Planning: the process of analyzing, forecasting, and planning workforce supply and demand, assessing gaps, and determining target talent management interventions to ensure that an organization has the right people - with the right skills in the right places at the right time. HR can become more strategic to the company with improved workforce planning, learn some of the industry best practices, and want to develop workforce plans that integrate with your corporate plan?

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  • Supply Chain Planning for Retail/Ecommerce sector: Supply chain planning is the process of planning a product from raw material to the consumer. learn some of the industry best practices and want to achieve connected supply chain planning for your company?

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▶︎New useful pieces of contents:

  • Webinar video April 20th: Leveraging the cloud for greater business efficiency and agility, strategic business planning

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We are Shearwater Group Cloud Consulting Specialists across APAC / Europe: Singapore - China - Japan - Korea - Taiwan - France We are the foremost partner for Oracle NetSuite / Workday Adaptive Planning Please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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