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For our new year, in 2021, with all of you, we're restarting the economy! - Mail Magazine Feb 2021

▶︎How to Win post-Covid?

There have been a number of better news recently, around vaccinations, a number of new covid cases going down, and generally the economy faring better than expected. It's time to rev up the engine and prepare to catch the great business chances opening up in Asia now. As a reminder about why and how to approach planning, please download here your ebook.

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▶︎Here are a few things that kept us busy recently:

  1. We have a very comprehensive document on a distribution business across Asia, leveraging their ERP data (from NetSuite) into Workday Adaptive Planning, for forecasting Sales, costs, and cash flows. The slides are available on request, please reply to this email.

  2. We joined two professional associations in Singapore this month: the ASME (Association of small & medium enterprises) Singapore, which is a not-for-profit organization established for entrepreneurs, and SG Tech (the Singapore-based trade association for the tech industry) to help promote planning across industries, details here.

  3. Here is also an article detailing how a planning tool differs from and adds to your ERP and any other BI tools:

  4. A very good recording of a discussion about recent trends in FP&A, and why quick planning is now more than ever important: Budgeting 2021 Survival Guide: Lessons from 2020

  5. We finished delivering a planning/budgeting project for a large infrastructure company in the Region. We have prepared a few slides for the industry, and our expert consultants can explain what should be done in similar cases. Please reach out to us directly!

  6. This is official, in 2020 we were the largest Oracle NetSuite partner as well as the largest Workday Adaptive Planning in the greater Asia / Oceania Region. Thank you to all our customers for allowing us to grow through this journey together!

  7. Several deliveries of Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP systems across the region:

  8. Metal trading company with offices across Japan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Malaysia

  9. A trading company specialized in Electronics with a factory in Laos, offices in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Philipines

  10. A rapidly growing software house gearing up for IPO with offices in the US and Japan


▶︎New useful pieces of contents:

Interesting to see that 64% of companies going public in the US in 2020 were on NetSuite! Click here to see the detail. Awesome Webinar from Reddit's director of Finance:

Top-Down Planning: The Art of the Quick and Dirty very useful and actionable conversation.

Also an interesting webinar on lessons learned in 2020:

Webinar: How to budget better in 2021?

See our whitepapers here:

5 CFO Tips for Better Board Reporting

hidden costs of static planning

Top 4 Reporting Challenges

Get the whitepaper “Practical Steps for Business Agility”

The Nine Circles of Spreadsheet Hell

4 Secrets of great planning

Calculate the ROI of your planning solution


We are Shearwater Group Cloud Consulting Specialists across APAC / Europe: Singapore - China - Japan - Korea - Taiwan - France We are the foremost partner for Oracle NetSuite / Workday Adaptive Planning Please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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