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Why should we plan, and re-plan dynamically💡?

▶︎ Keep an eye out for business environment changes

Very important to plan, and also to re-plan dynamically. See for the instance the Suez canal issue. A boat stuck in the canal is stopping worldwide business. Each company needs to quickly assess the impact and come up with a few simulations, and decide on a plan to recover. Some even use planning as a strategic tool to catch opportunities. In these specific cases, some vendors of airline freight are pitching cheap air cargo!

Check out recent news about Cloud systems!


▶︎Book your seat now! - Workday Adaptive Free Webinar

20th April, 3-4 pm Singapore time

As the finance professional of the company, are you still using Excel or an on-premise legacy system to manage your planning, budgeting, forecasting, closing, reporting, and analysis? Join in our webinar (40 minutes) to know more on how you can automate & streamline your entire FP&A process and save your valuable time for more strategic work.

  1. What is Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution?

  2. Active Planning Concepts and transforming your FP&A process

  3. Basic Modelling for cloud-based FP&A

  4. Create a Report and Dashboard in a minute

Book your seat from here


▶︎Here are a few things that kept us busy recently:

  • Shearwater Korea has started!

  • We are so honored to announce that we have expanded our business to South Korea🇰🇷!

  • We will be keeping you updated with our latest news about Oracle NetSuite and Workday Adaptive Planning.

  • Visit Shearwater Korea website!

Our Adaptive Planning team has started new R&D initiatives on

  • Workforce Planning: A strategic tool to bridge HR, finance, and business units so that a company will always have the right talent for the right work at the right time

  • Headcount & compensation planning

  • Strategic workforce planning

  • Talent & talent acquisition planning

  • Resource Planning

  • Operations Planning: Connection between financial and operational data to support faster, smarter, company-wide decision-making. Identifying and understanding non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs) that contribute to the financial KPIs becomes essential.


▶︎New useful pieces of contents:

  • Powerful Business Planning customized for every industry. Find out how Workday Adaptive Planning can address your industry’s unique business challenges.

↑Click the image to see the example for your business!


We are Shearwater Group

Cloud Consulting Specialists across APAC / Europe: Singapore - China - Japan - Korea - Taiwan - France

We are the foremost partner for Oracle NetSuite / Workday Adaptive Planning Please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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