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Customer Story: Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC

Managed by a team of industry veterans, Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC has revolutionized the process for providing Home Equity Conversion Mortgages. Through years of expertise within the space, Reverse Mortgage Funding has an array of different products that provide homeowners an abundance of options. Their goal is simple, enhance the immediate and long-term lives of their customers through great service.

At a Glance



Industry: Home Equity Conversion Mortgages

CRM: NetSuite

Customer Since: February 2014

Why Contivio?

  1. CRM Implementation

  2. Blended Functionality

  3. Scalability

Integration Paves the Way

One of the core requirements for Reverse Mortgage Funding was to target a solution with dynamic NetSuite integration capabilities. For every demo they attended, providers were asked to strut their stuff and highlight key traits that separate their integration vs. competitors. After a quick demo of’s patented CloudConnect, Reverse Mortgage had found their match.

“CloudConnect provided us with the flexibility to configure our NetSuite integration to maximize daily efficiency for our agents.” Dan McDermott Consumer Direct Channel Leader.

Optimized Daily Efficiency

In the high paced industry of home mortgages, Dan stressed how vital it was for his contact center agents to boast blended functionality. Although the majority of calls are outbound centric, the capability of routing inbound calls to qualified agents is essential for their business to function.

Dan put it best, “ promised to deliver qualified agent routing, and they came through.”

With their current configuration, when inbound calls are received automatically querries NetSuite to identify the correct account rep and routes calls accordingly.

Time to Grow

With business booming, Dan’s team continues to grow in parallel. By next year, he anticipates his team will double in size, as such, they searched for a solution with on-demand scalability. With, creating new agents takes mere minutes. With a simple call or email to support, agent licensing counts are increased within mere minutes, insuring operations can change on-the-fly.

Reverse Mortgage Funding made a commitment to move forward with and has been benefiting ever since.[vc_button text=”Back to Customer Success” type=”primary” outlined=”” align=”left” target=”” url=”/solutions/contivio/learn/”]

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