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Customer Story: Fox Symes & Associates

Getting Back on Your Feet

Offering a wide range of debt consolidation solutions, Fox Symes serves as the leading provider of debt assistance in Australia. By helping over 100,000 Australians per year, Fox Symes strives to alleviate the hardships associated with excess debt. With a knowledgebase that spans debt collection, mortgage finance and bankruptcy management, Fox Symes has the experience and track record to significantly improve their customer’s financial struggles.

At a Glance



Industry: Debt Specialists

CRM: Saleslogix

Customer Since: December 2011

Why Contivio?

  1. CloudConnect

CloudConnect Please

With a need to automate their business, Fox Symes selected CloudConnect to execute a business process that involved internal and external systems on a periodic basis. Fox Symes desired the functionality to schedule by day, a solution that could reach out to the Australian Federal Court website and search for new cases.

With CloudConnect the process was a breeze. Not only did it take mere hours to configure, but the new identified cases are uploaded automatically within the Fox Symes CRM.

Quickly Adapt

Three months after Fox Symes implemented CloudConnect, the Australian Federal Court revamped their website. They changed the site structure, navigation and underlying technology. Typically this would be a major setback for a company just implementing a new solution, but with CloudConnect the ability to learn a new website without any coding is where the patented middleware thrives.

In total, the retraining of CloudConnect to operate on the new site took less than a few hours.[vc_button text=”Back to Customer Success” type=”primary” outlined=”” align=”left” target=”” url=”/solutions/contivio/learn/”]

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