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Customer Story: Floracopeia

Standing Behind our Products

Established by one of the world’s leading experts in the field of botanical medicine and grassroots healthcare, Floracopeia provides word-class products to their national customer base. Through a unique inventory of the highest quality essential oils and botanical aromatic treasures, Floracopeia is able to stick to their roots of ecological sustainability.

At a Glance



Industry: Retail

CRM: NetSuite

Customer Since: May 2014

Why Contivio?

  1. Load Balancing

  2. NetSuite Integration

  3. IVR

Distribution of Workloads

Providing tier-1 customer service has been at the forefront of operations since Floracopeia’s inception. With an energetic team of customer service professionals, Floracopeia maintains great relationships with their customers, but improvements are always welcome. Because Floracopeia employees possess the knowhow to wear multiple hats, the ability to equally distribute their workload is a game changer. Looking to improve workflow operations, Floracopeia selected because of their powerful workforce management platform. By providing customer service manager Nicole Ellsworth with tools to distribute daily workloads, the Floracopeia customer service environments have drastically improved.

“I love how Contivio equally routes calls to my team. This alleviates any concerns I have with keeping agents engaged.”

Nicole Ellsworth, Head of Customer Service

NetSuite Empowerment

During their trip to SuiteWorld 2014, Floracopeia team leaders sought to identify ways to enhance their current NetSuite deployment. With telephony integration currently lacking, Floracopeia stopped by the booth for a demo. After a quick introduction to the software Floracopeia was sold. With’s CloudConnect in place, Floracpoeia is benefiting from multiple screen pops scenarios, predicated on the context of the call (e.g., existing orders, new orders, and returns).

“Screen pops are amazing.”

Nicole Ellsworth, Head of Customer Service

Self-service Innovation

With an environment that is constantly evolving, Floracopeia was looking for ways to enhance their call routing procedures with real-time enhancement abilities. With multiple departments, queues and routing needs, setting up a dynamic IVR was vital to achieve high levels of efficiency. With user-friendly IVR, Nicole and the team can adjust and enhance real-time when needed. Since deploying, call handling times have decreased, while overall customer service rating have steadily improved.

“Floracopeia recognizes the value in providing top tier customer support and services, which is why we are extremely proud to call them our newest customer.” said Greg Marmulak Chief Operating Officer of “Located not far from our Headquarters in Grass Valley, CA, we strive to provide great service and support to our nearby customers.”[vc_button text=”Back to Customer Success” type=”primary” outlined=”” align=”left” target=”” url=”/solutions/contivio/learn/”]

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