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Customer Story: Findley Davies

Simple Solutions for Complex Challenges

Established in 1969, Findley Davies is an independent consulting firm that focuses on maximizing human resource strategies. Led by a group of expert senior consultants, Findley Davies has grown into one of the leading HR Consulting firms in the US. With offices in six (6) locations, Findley Davies has improved HR strategies for their customers nationwide.

At a Glance



Industry: HR Consulting

CRM: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customer Since: December 2012

Why Contivio?

  1. Functionality

  2. Reporting

  3. IVR

An Expanding Team With Growing Needs

With a successful management team in place, Findley Davies continues to expand with offices located around the US. With further growth came an increased need for an integrated contact center solution.

Findley Davies embarked on a complex and extensive search to find a solution that met all of their needs and expectations of what a contact center should offer. From the very first demo Project Manager Douglas Sheffer was impressed with the functionality Contivio had to offer. “We needed a solution that offered key contact center features with integration capabilities. With Contivio we found that.”

“Contivio’s complete and fully-integrated contact center solution has enabled us to optimize call productivity.”

Versatile Reporting

Report generation is a key feature Findley Davies identified during the selection process as a must have. According to Project Manager Douglas Sheffer, “The Contivio reporting system gives us the freedom to generate reports whenever we need them.” Because Findley Davies maintains offices around the US, it is important to track call data by location to determine where the most call activity is generated. With Contivio this is easily achievable. The Contivio reporting system is easy to configure, and allows the flexibility to generate reports as frequently as desired.

IVR Flexibility

With a workforce positioned throughout different cities, Findley Davies needed an IVR system that could adapt to on the fly changes, while having the capabilities to be personalized for each individual office. The IVR system features state of the art IVR functionality that is simple to configure, and adaptable to multiple locations.

“We can create new IVR scripts for our various contact centers and implement changes real time. This capability is a key component to maintaining call center operations across multiple locations. ”[vc_button text=”Back to Customer Success” type=”primary” outlined=”” align=”left” target=”” url=”/solutions/contivio/learn/”]

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