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Blackline introduction webinar - HK edition!

Hi Everyone! Tired of losing time on repetitive low-value accounting tasks?

We have a session for you!

This is specially focused on Hong Kong companies but open to all in APAC!

Save the date: 2022/8/23 14:00 - 2022/8/23 15:00 (HK time)

This talk is an opportunity for organizations who have half of their accounting team’s capacity trapped in transactional work - whether it is month, quarter or year end, this ends up becoming the number one roadblock to transformation.

As a part of the session, we’ll talk about how BlackLine’s finance controls and automation platform is designed to free up Accounting’s time by streamlining the most time-consuming activities.

With a high-level demonstration of the BlackLine platform, you will learn: 

- About the changing role of the accountant and what we can do to keep up with the changes. 

- How BlackLine can maximize your experience and help you through your transformation journey 

- The exciting ways technology can free up your time to do more!

To save your seat, simply register via the link here:



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