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Workday Adaptive Planning


Forecast funding, track program, and staff expenses manage revenue streams, and adjust plans as programs and funding change


See how nonprofit organizations use Workday Adaptive Planning

Workday Adaptive Planning gives nonprofit organizations the power to plan, model, budget, and forecast the future.

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Program expense budgeting—Plan direct costs, and allocate headcount and overhead across funds, programs, and locations. Give budget owners access to data with drill-down capabilities.


Staff and personnel planning—Plan head count as well as salary, benefits, taxes, and other employee-related costs across programs. Integrate HR and payroll systems to pull in employee data and utilize multiple fringe rate assumptions.


Membership and events modeling—Forecast membership fees, event ticketing, service offerings, and other revenue-generating activities.


Grant planning—Create grant-level funding and spending plans for restricted and unrestricted donations. Generate visibility into income and expenses over the life of a grant.


Budget and plan across programs and funds—Allocate overhead accurately and match personnel to program and funding.

“We are in a much better decision-making position to manage through the year and position ourselves for multiyear planning” 

- VP Financial Planning Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

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