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Workday Adaptive Planning Media&Entertainment

Budget cast, crew, and supply costs amortize production expenses and forecast revenue and residuals

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See how media and entertainment companies can use Workday Adaptive Planning

Workday Adaptive Planning gives media and entertainment companies the power to model, plan, forecast, and adapt to whatever comes next.

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Title greenlighting—Budget production costs, plan tax incentives, and greenlight titles to plan the go-ahead.


Ad planning—Build models to forecast ad insertion, omnichannel distribution, ad rates, and buying.


Production planning—Plan cast/crew and supplier expenses, amortize production costs based on viewership, forecast ultimate revenue, and reconcile funding limits. Model participations and residuals, as well as tax credits.


Title or genre profitability—Allocate corporate expenses to analyze profitability at the title or genre level.


Campaign planning—Plan sales and marketing Initiatives related to a specific title or event.


Gaming cohorts and subscribers—Model subscription revenue, user cohort behavior, in-game transactions, production costs, and revenue by title.

Enterprise planning resources just for you.

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