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NetSuite Taiwan Tax Localization

The only certified tax localization bundle on for Taiwan GUI, VAT, and E-Invoice tax requirements

NetSuite雲端ERP台灣稅務本地化: 統一發票/ 401營業稅/ 電子發票


How does Shearwater Taiwan 斯沃特台灣accelerate your localization

You can leverage our local teams, consulting know-how, customer base, technology skills, implementation experiences, and Go-To-Market tactics to accelerate your growth in the world's most dynamic region.

Product Functions

  • Auto assignment a governmental unified number (GUI) to each invoice

  • API integration to Electronic Invoice platform

  • Maintain customer invoice and vendor bill

  • Maintain B2B, B2C, zero tax data

  • Credit memo & cash sales

  • A list of GUI/VAT reports

  • 401 report and text file output

  • Invoice & accounting voucher printout


Service Contents

  • This bundle is designed and developed for NetSuite ERP customers to fulfill Taiwan localization for tax regulation of Government Uniform Invoice / VAT 401 report / Electronic Invoice.

  • Bundle runs on One World and multi books accounting

  • Bundle also provides accounting voucher printout (A4 size)

You can find the certified localization on Oracle NetSuite official bundle website:

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